Our aim is to teach you driving lessons in a comfortable and friendly atmosphere with our high quality driving instructor skills and experience. So on the driving test day you will have all the necessary knowledge and driving skills to drive safely and pass the driving test as easily as possible.

Our approach to your driving lessons will be caring and personal, taking the stress out of your driving lessons and getting you safely and confidently where you want to go, passing your driving test first time and in the quickest possible time!

With our successful driving teaching skills and techniques our driving instructors have exceptionally higher driving tests pass rate than national average. So having driving lessons with High Performance Driving School means the chances to pass your driving test will be much higher.

If your theory test pass certificate is expiring soon or you failed a driving test and do not want to wait for months to get another driving test date. WE CAN HELP




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I passed my test first attempt with crash course in an automatic car. I am very greatful to Nagina who was coming from Derby to Burton-on-Trent speacially for me; to help me pass my test. I contacted her on recommendation from someone I knew. On the first lesson i realised i made the right decision and got the right instructor for me, who put all her effort in making me pass first time. Thank you Nagina for making me pass my practical test FIRST TIME!! I highly recommend High Performance Driving School.

Kamaljit Ark

I would like to thank Nagina Butt for helping me pass my test in an automatic car. I had low self-esteem and i would always tell myself that i could not drive and i would never pass. When i met Nagina she helped me understand driving is not as difficult as i imagined it would be, she helped me build my confindence.


I passed my test first time with High Performance Driving School. My instructors way of teaching is very practical and methodical. I enjoyed every lesson and learnt something new everytime from my corrected mistakes. I was always reassured that i would pass first time as i did. Although this is their business they always put extra effort into making sure the student will pass their driving test in their first attempt. I always left my driving instructors car with a huge smile on my face knowing that i learnt something new or improved my skills.


My instructor at High Performance Driving School was fantastic in doing her job. She was great at making me understand the difficulties of driving making them seem so simple. Driving isn’t hard to learn when your taught by instructors from High Performance Driving School. I highly recommend this school.


Marteen Plaxton

Thank you for helping me pass my test, you helped me to gain a skill for life. My instructor is very skilled in how she teaches driving to students. You are a great driving instructor and you are very dedicated in making your students pass.



I would like to say thank you to High Performance Driving School for teaching me from the beginning until passing my test, increasing my confidence and explaining everything where I was struggling carefully and logically. My instructor was very patient, approachable and has great teaching techniques. Thank you for helping me pass!


Simon Peter Nadeem

I was a previous student of Nagina Butt, High Performance Driving School. Nagina helped me bring out my confidence in following road signs and road markings. She explains in detail and makes driving seem much easier.  I became confident and started to enjoy the experience of driving. If you have an ambition to drive, High Performance Driving School will make it easy  for you and help you to pass very quickly. Thank you Nagina for supporting me and helping me get my driving licence quickly.

Abby Hales

My instructor from High Performance Driving School was calm, friendly and professional. She helped me overcome my fears of the road and made me feel comfortable in what I was doing. She helped me boost up my confidence by explaining everything thoroughly. I highly recommend High Performance Driving School to anyone who wants to learn to drive.


Emma M.

I wish to thank you High Performance Driving School members for their outstanding service. Before I encountered with High Performance Driving School I have had a very disappointing experience. Even though I have overseas driver…

Rachel Stephens

I passed my Test first go after only few professional lessons with Nagina Butt of High Performance Driving School. I highly recommend them – they are great, as I was made to feel very comfortable at all times! I definitely recommend them to everyone!