Derby Driving School
Steering a Car Techniques
STEERING A CAR TECHNIQUES – HOW TO STEER A CAR The basic push pull steering technique will be demonstrated by your driving instructor during the cockpit drill on your first driving lesson. Throughout the first few lessons however, don’t be too concerned in keeping a strict steering technique for the car as priorities
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Dual Carriageway Driving
Dual carriageway definition is at least one lane of traffic (usually two or more traveling in the same direction) which is divided by a central reservation and barrier that separates the other carriageway travelling in the opposite direction. Regardless of the amount of lanes, it will remain a single carriageway
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Country Road Driving
COUNTRY ROAD DRIVING All driving test centres are either based in a rural area or if located in a busy town or city, are often located on the outskirts. They are located in these areas so as many diverse road types can be taken during the driving test. Most driving test routes include rural
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