Derby Driving School
Steering a Car Techniques
STEERING A CAR TECHNIQUES – HOW TO STEER A CAR The basic push pull steering technique will be demonstrated by your driving instructor during the cockpit drill on your first driving lesson. Throughout the first few lessons however, don’t be too concerned in keeping a strict steering technique for the car as priorities
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Clutch Control
One of the most difficult challenges of learning to drive is the correct operation of the clutch, which we know as clutch control. Many learners opt to take an automatic driving test to alleviate the stress of having to operate the clutch. A significant problem with many learner drivers is lack of preparation
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Learning how to deal with and anticipate traffic lights takes time and practice. Understanding traffic lights and dealing with them correctly is essential to safe driving and is of course necessary to pass the driving test. As UK roads get busier, a greater number of traffic lights are needed to
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